Thursday, October 30, 2014

The battle

Over the last few weeks I have had a number of discussions with people who have had WLS and others who are interested in the process, possible outcomes and any significant down sides. Almost all of the folks who have had surgery have regained some of the weight originally lost. That seems to be a forgone conclusion. The reasons why on the other hand are very complex. Several simply reestablished the eating habits they had before the surgery and the regaining of weight was inevitable. They had not accepted the fact that their excess weight was a function of their own eating habits. A lot of excuses are made for weight gain and frankly the absolute realization that it is their problem seemed impossible to accept. They see themselves as the injured party and the weight loss is not the result of their own behavior but something that affected them externally.  A couple of post-WLS folks had dropped the weight and felt uncomfortable or even unhealthy at the maximal point of the weight loss. If they paid attention to their diet, they gained some of the weight loss back, but did finally reach a weight level where they felt comfortable in their own skin (and clothes).  This is an important realization. Once you find that point, you can relax and just focus on maintaining it. If you pay attention to what and when you eat, the equilibrium point in the weight profile can be maintained.

I have made this point before about those individuals looking at WLS as a strategy. Some seem to feel that it is the final answer to their weight issues and if they lose weight they will be healthier, more energetic and happier. And most of the time that is true. But WLS will not rid you of heart disease issues or other health issues. It is true that diabetes will probably disappear with the weight loss, but if you regain weight after the WLS it will return. It is highly weight dependent. WLS will change your life. It will not give you a new one however. You will have to deal with the probable weight gain and know how to minimize it. You will note that I said “Minimize it”. It is a fact that will occur. Your surgeon can give you the opportunity to lose weight, but they cannot keep you from regaining it. That is up to you